Master's Discipline I

Released at: February 20, 2008 by Tyler Labs (Beth Tyler)
Sandy, being a bit of an exhibitionist, is caught trying to seduce her neighbors. Instead, she manages to attract Ron's attention, and he has some ideas for her! He surprises her with a gun and spanks her soundly with his bare hands. This is no mild spanking. Sandy is a true submissive and seems to have no limits! Finally, her ass is bright red and Ron just can't give her any more, so he gets an enema ready for her. He uses a red Davol Paris bag, equipped with a wicked black douche nozzle. He pushes the curvy nozzle into her anus and starts the hot, soapy water flowing. Sandy squirms and protests, but her tormenter makes her finish every drop before being allowed to expel it into a bedpan right in front of us. This is the first of the Master Series, a sizzling set of three heavy discipline videos for Sandy.

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Scene1: 00:00:24 - 00:10:34 (10:10)

Scene2: 00:10:35 - 00:25:36 (15:01)

Scene3: 00:25:37 - 00:36:44 (11:07)