Massage Rooms Presents - Lola On Kari

Released at: January 13, 2014 by Massage Rooms Clips
Lola is very well-acquainted with Kari and the two were very happy to be in each other's company once again, embrace one another in a warm hug. It didn't take them long to get comfortable and before anyone could say "great tits" Kari was on the massage table and Lola was using oil upon her body, giving her a beautiful sheen. It soon became evident that Kari was very excited as a wet patch appeared through her knickers, Lola spotted her excitement and did her best to make sure she got wetter and wetter, eventually pulling back Kari's knickers to reveal her soaking little young hole. Before long Lola was rubbing her pussy on Kari's knee as she fingered her bringing her to orgasm. Now it was Lola's turn to strip off totally and lay down on her side as Kari began to rub oil on her pussy and returned the favor by slipping her oily fingers in Lola's perfect pussy until she was gyrating and shuddering all over the table.

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