Mammoth Dick Brothers 4

Released at: May 20, 2013 by West Coast Productions
Lily definitely has D.S.L. Dick Sucking Lips. She takes the 12" challenge. Can she take it? Brooklyn is on the chase for some black cock. However she is not hunting for just any black cock. She is on the hunt for Rico's 12". There's nothing hotter than a horny MILF like Nikki. Watch as she takes that monster cock and finishes with an internal creampie. Alexis is eager to take every inch of black kong dong. Will she be able to handle it? Adrianna scene is amazing! Watch as she gulps Rico's 12" black rod in her tight pink pussy.

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Scene1: 00:02:32 - 00:32:42 (30:10)

Scene2: 00:32:44 - 00:54:04 (21:20)

Scene3: 00:54:06 - 01:26:43 (32:37)

Scene4: 01:26:45 - 01:46:04 (19:19)

Scene5: 01:46:05 - 02:15:59 (29:54)