Louise's Lesbian Escapades

Released at: February 15, 2005 by SCORE Group
You've never seen a girl as insatiable as Louise. If she were a man, they'd call her a pervert and a sex maniac. You won't believe what this sex-hungry nympho does to satisfy them (and her own hot pussy) with non-stop finger fucking, asshole rimming, tongue-tickling, monstrous dildos and oddball sex toys. A man of any age can learn a lot about making pussies happy just by seeing what Louise does to innocent girls like Tally when she gets them into her bed. Where'd Louise learn lezzie sex? .

18eighteen has brought you many teen pussy-suckers in the past, but no one can match Louise in sex drive and nymphomania. She has the dirty mind of a veteran streetwalker in a young, pure body. If she could, she'd spend her days and nights sucking and fucking young girls, and drinking their cunt juices for nourishment. She trains Jade to eat pussy, then instructs her how to use a combination motorized dick machine/anal probe on her pulsating pink pussy and greedy asshole. You'll lose load after load watching Louise's Lesbian Escapades! .

You've never seen a girl as insatiable as Louise. If she were a man, they'd call her a pervert and a sex maniac. While our sleazy videographer mumbles raunchy comments, Louise shows Vicky a collection of sex gizmos that would make Darth Vader jealous. This Brit brat demonstrates how she stuffs her bunghole with beads, sticking six of the big stringed balls up her crap-chute! Then Louise gets Vicky in doggie position, fucking her sticky pussy with a huge buzzing vibrator and shoving a finger into her virgin butt. .

Louise goes after Rachel like a sailor on a three-day leave, probing Rachel's twat and brown-eye with her experienced fingers. "Looks nice," says Rachel as Louise frigs her. "Feels nice," Louise answers. They then get into a sixty-nine position, allowing Rachel to lick and finger Louise's tight asshole. Louise is in heaven. "Lovely!" she moans. "Put two fingers in my pussy!" Louise rubs Rachel until her slit is wet enough to take a thick pink dong for a hard fucking. See Rachel hump Louise with a monster dong and anal beads. Incredible!

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