Lizzy's Squirting Orgasms

Released at: June 29, 2013 by Femorg
Lizzy is a sexy ass blond who saunters into the large bathroom completely naked. The view of her body is enough to draw drool from the mouths of men and women! She is petite with a nice, firm body, small natural breasts, and a round little ass. She makes herself comfy in a black leather reclining chair. She licks and moistens a large pink dildo vibe and her fingers - smearing the saliva all over her clit and lippy pussy. Lizzy has a large tattoo on her hip / tummy and her pussy is shaved smooth. As she gets settled with the toy, the camera moves in for a closeup view of her clit and pussy as she strokes the toy inside her - and we can see how wet she is already. Lizzy softly moans and hisses as she plays with the toy. She settles back into the chair, rocking her hips upward and placing the tip of the big vibe directly on her engorged clit. The pussy juices are flowing already. She lubes up the toy with saliva again, then inserts it into her pussy, wiggling and jiggling and stroking with the big dildo. She likes this and she moans. She pulls the toy out again to concentrate on her clitoris. She licks a finger, smearing the saliva on her clit. She increases the intensity of the toy and moans again. She continues to work the buzzy vibe all over her clitoris, spreading her pussy lips wide apart. Her feet are up off the chair with the toy hand wrapped around her leg and under her knee. Lizzy uses her other hand to pull her lips apart again and expose her button clitoris further to the toy. Lizzy's moans begin to intensify as she strokes that toy up and down on her pussy. Her toes are pointed as she throws her head back, gasping and moaning as she has a nice squirting orgasm! Her pussy contractions are obvious as is the fluid that gushes out of her pussy. Her pussy is bright pink, and spread wide after that big O! She turns off the toy, still spread for the camera.

Lizzy is lying naked on the big bed, playing with her favorite pink dildo vibe again. She licks the penis shaped toy and inserts it into her pussy. She places one hand on the head board as she strokes the toy in and out of her pussy, rocking her hips and gazing into the camera. Lizzy takes the toy out of her vagina and concentrates on her clitoris. Then she lubricates the toy some more, semi rolling onto her side, and strokes her pussy. She pulls the toy out, rolling back onto her back. Then she kneels on the bed, legs apart, to insert the toy from beneath her for a few moments. Lizzy goes back to her back with her head propped on the headboard. She inserts the big toy into her pussy and really strokes. She lifts her legs off the bed, then slowly pulls out the toy to jiggle the vibe all over her clitoris. She alternates between inserting the toy and stimulating her clitoris and when she pulls out the vibe it is fairly covered in pussy goo. Lizzy goes back onto her back, legs up high in the air, and stuffs the toy deep inside as she whimpers and moans. She works the toy frantically on her clitoris, rocking her hips. She licks her fingers, spreading the moisture to her clit, then inserts the toy deep inside once more. She is bouncing her hips as she strokes her pussy. She pulls out the toy to work her clit some more. She pauses only long enough to smear some more saliva all over her very pink parts. She stuffs the toy inside and strokes hard again, lifting her ass up off the bed. Her nipples are perking up, too. Back to her clit, in small frantic circles with lots of hip rocking. And Lizzy wants to cum as she firmly presses the toy into her clit, grasping onto the headboard. She straightens her legs and sits up as she cums this time. Then she lies back, takes the toy off her clit and spreads her pussy lips wide aprat before rolling onto her side.

Petite Lizzy is naked once more as she sits on a large, grey, sectional sofa. She licks her fingers and rubs her clitoris before she licks her purple dildo vibe. She slinks down into the sofa, spreads her pussy lips wide apart and places the now vibrating toy right onto her clit. She licks her fingers some more, then spreads her pussy lips wide apart as the camera pans in for a closeup view of her girlie parts being teased with the toy. She pulls her clit out so that it is very prominent and "held" between two of her fingers as she puts the toy right on the tip of her clit. She is writhing and moaning ... she clutches her breast and smiles at the camera, then spreads her lips apart to work the toy on the tip of her clitoris some more. She moans and pants as it feels good. Again, getting her clitoris right between her fingers, Lizzy works the toy on her button clit and this has her panting and moaning. She curls her hips upward, and she starts to cum with a trickling orgasm. She covers her pussy with her hand, then goes right back to toying her clitoris with the vibe and then she cums again with a big contracting, squirting orgasm that just goes on and on. Lizzy rides it out until the end, rhythmically moaning, then turns off her toy. Wow!

Lizzy's wearing lingerie! Bright pink lingerie! Or at least a bright pink bra and thong panty set as she saunters into the bedroom, sitting on a bench seat. She stands up to give us a sexy little strip tease as she peels off the thong panties and bra. Her nipples are perky. She tosses the undergarments, then gets comfy once more on the bench seat as she licks her fingers to moisten her clitoris. She turns on the pink dildo vibe and starts buzzing her clitoris. The camera moves in for a closeup view of her lippy pussy as she masturbates with the pink dildo vibe. Lizzy is moaning softly, too as we move back out for a full body view of her toy play. Lizzy reaches back behind her as she continues to work the toy on her clit. Then she pauses to lick her fingers and lube up once more. She works the tip of the penis vibe directly into and all around her clitoris, arching upward and rocking her hips and then she squirts and cums! Again, there's lots of contractions and some squirting for this strong orgasm. Lizzy straightens her legs and continues to stimulate to get the most out of this orgasm. When she takes the toy away her pussy is very pink!

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