Lesbian Massage Vol. 5

Released at: October 3, 2020 by Sweetheart Video
Written by Nica Noelle and directed by Ricky Greenwood, "Lesbian Massage Vol. 5" brings you four vignettes featuring eight stunning lesbians engaging in seduction by the power of temptation and body language. Veronica (Jade Kush) loves a woman's body and when she has the chance to massage Bella's (Ariel X) perfect body, she takes her time to explore every inch of her body. Jane (Jill Kassidy) was not supposed to work today, but when her favorite client, Jessie (Lana Sharapova), asks her to come in she couldn't say no. During her intimate session, Jessie will become more than just a client. After a long run, Jessica (Zoe Bloom) gets a cramp and asks her best friend Betty (Dana Wolf) to help her. Slowly Betty's hand explores Jessica's beautiful body and gives her the relief she needs. Finally, Kate (Bella Rolland) and Tania (Diana Grace) celebrate their anniversary in very special way.

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