Lesbian Brazilian Facesitting Vol. 1

Released at: July 24, 2013 by Roman Video
All girl facesitting from south of the equator! Some of the fastest, most intense action of its kind we've ever seen! Scene 1 - Mistress Thatty is a hard, lean, tattooed, mean street Mistress. Her style is immediately on display as she sits heavily on the face of Slavegirl Laila. She shows nothing but disdain for the poor girl as she fights for air. Thatty grinds her naked pussy and ass hard, turning Laila's face red and wet. The few brief moments she allows the girl to breathe, she coaxes her to lick her clit and her asshole. Dissatisfied with her performance, Thatty teases Laila with slaps and punches to the body, lies on top of her crushing her face with her pubic bone, smothers her with a pillow, and painfully cracks the girl's knuckles while she grinds her pussy on her face. Laila's gasping gets no pity as Thatty crushes her head between her thighs in a powerful scissor hold. She yanks her around by her hair, bounces her butt on her face and says that her holes need to be licked. As a final punishment, Thatty sholds Laila under her arm pit, then mercifully allows her to lick her to orgasm. Scene 2 - Hot blonde Mistress Andressa applies her make-up while Slavegirl Lana is silently buried under her naked crotch. Andressa sensuously moans as Lana eagerly services her with her tongue, lapping her asshole then her pussy. Andressa orders her plaything around on the cheap motel bed, clearly turned on by her power. She rubs her clit and her tits as Lana tries her best to please her mistress, her big dark eyes glazed over from the ecstatic. Andressa squeezes Lana's nose between her pussy lips, crushes her head between her thigh and calf. Poor Lana coughs and sputters from the repeated smothering, but cannot restrain her adoration. Andressa uses her ruthlessly, coaxes her to worship, lick, and smell her ass, and coaxes her to lick her clit and pussy until she cums.

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