Kelli Lox 3

Released at: February 12, 2021 by Transational Fantasies
Gorgeous, fun and sexy Kelli Lox is on the phone with a guy she's gone on one date with. They are talking on the phone and they decide to exchange sexy pics. Then come the dick pics! He sends his and then she sends pics of her delicious lady dick, even though he doesn't know she is trans yet and what she is packing. He wants more after that! He can't resist. He wants to come over, but being the horny independent woman she is, she wants to prime her prime piece before he gets there. She pulls off her cute undies and starts to get to work. She smiles and giggles, as she flaunts her beautiful smooth t-girl body and sexy platform high hells. She plays with her little trans natural kitties and then goes back full force on her sweet cock till she cuts into a glass and then drops it into her dirty little mouth!

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