Keeping It In The Family

Released at: December 22, 2021 by Alex Romero

Angie catches George reading her diary. George explains her mom asked him for his help. Angie explains they are fantasies and she thins about doing some of the sexual things she wrote. Now that he has read it, she wants to try sexual things with him. Angie doesn't know Nikki, her mom is watching and is quite turned on. This becomes a family threesome.

Shalina comes home and tells Josh she doesn't like the way he speaks to her. He tells her that she's not his mom, she's his step-mom. Shaline tells and shows her tep-son my his father married her! In the end Josh admits having the best step-mommy!

Mimi asks her dad for a car. Mugur tells his step-daughter its hard to reward her because of bad things she does. Mimi tells him she's being a very good girl now. She proves it to Mugur by undoing his belt to start sucking on his cock. Mimi is told this will be a secret and she will get the car after she proves what a good girl she is.

Amy's step-dad is resting she tells George her mom isn't home. Amy wants him to play with her. Amy is satisfied and so is her step-daddy for the play time and she promises to keep it a secret.

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