Jerky Girls Vol. 43 - All In A Days Jerk

Released at: February 28, 2011 by Jerky Girls
Jerky Girls Volume #43 Miss Faith sends this boy into a world of hurt!!! This boy is called to Faith's office....after hours....because his TPS Reports are unsatisfactory.....AGAIN!! Faith berates him...."I've kicked you in the balls.....I've made you Suck My Feet for hours and hours at a time....I've used My Strap-On on just don't seem to learn!!! leave Me with no're going to the Cock-Teasing Chair!!!!". The boy begs and begs for Her not to subject him to the Cock-Teasing Chair...but Faith is firm..."Get your pants off and get in the Cock-Teasing Chair right now....or you're FIRED!!!!" She tells him. The terrified boy drops trousers and sits in the Chair, as Faith ties his hands behind his back. Faith then begins the Horrible Cock-Teasing Process. Over and Over and Over again...Faith brings his hard, throbbing cock right up to the point of ejaculation...then pulls Her Hand away quickly...leaving him to suffer in frustration....and ordering him to make his cock "Dance" for Her. After several Rounds of informs the boy that he is going to be Ejaculated. As Her Strokes bring him up to the edge yet again...the boy is crying out that his cock hurts....Faith simply smiles....and milks a painful ejaculation. As he sits there covered in his sperm.....the boy apologizes for his bad TPS Reports....PROMISING to do better from now on. Faith tells him that he BETTER do them right....because She has just purchased an EXTRA LARGE Strap-On!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! This young boy is VERY distracted by his Hot Teacher....Miss Erica. She has kept him after class to discipline him for staring at Her Cleavage during the lesson. Apparently this youngster has a history of being distracted by Miss Erica....."Billy.....when you were distracted by My Feet...I let you Kiss them didn't I?.....When you were distracted by My Ass....I let you Lick it didn't I? are so distracted by My Boobs....I'm going to have to give you an embarrassing Masturbation!!". Miss Erica orders young Billy to pull down his pants, and lie on the She crouches down beside him, and issues a Humiliating Compelled Masturbation. After She makes the young boy ejaculate....Miss Erica tells him "I'm going to have to call your Mother, to let Her know that you were Masturbated after class". Who says the Girls @ JERK Corp are always mean???? Sometimes we can be nice :) Today, Miss Erica calls a boy into Her office, and tells him that his TPS Reports have been outstanding!!! As a reward....Miss Erica tells the young man that he is going to be Masturbated onto Miss Erica's Pantyhosed Feet!!! The boy is very excited...he know that Miss Erica's Feet are a Treat......this is a VERY good reward. Miss Erica calls in Faith to perform the Milking. The boy is told to stand at attention, while Faith administers a Skillful Reacharound cum removal. Faith Beats his cock furiously from behind....while Miss Erica fondles his balls....the attention from both Jerky Girls is too much for the young man....and his reward doesn't last very long....he ejaculates all over Miss Erica's Pantyhosed Feet fairly quickly....his ejaculation is both Jerky Girls say "Good boy!!!" Faith is Furious!!! She went to show Her Wedding Video to Her friends....and to Her horror....She discovered that Her husband taped a Football Game over Her Wedding Video!!! Faith knows the perfect way to get Revenge on the Asshole!!! Faith decides to make a "Video" of Her own. While Her husband is away at work.....Faith gets out the Video Camera.....a tripod......then She calls a local Computer Repair store to come over to Her house. Faith takes the Repair Guy to Her She has the cock she needs for Her Video. Faith presses "record"....and starts to make the Video for Her husband. She pulls down the Repair guy's pants and tells Her husband that She is going to Beat-Off this stranger. To Her Delight....Faith discovers that this guy has a HUGE, MASSIVE cock!!!!! Faith makes fun of Her husband & his tiny cock as She plays with this GIANT cock. Then, Faith gets out a measuring tape and measures this big cock...."Ha Ha Ha....this cock is TWICE as big as yours.....wait a's THREE TIMES as big as yours!!!" She says into the camera. Faith Jerks the Giant cock, while making fun of Her pathetic husband's cock....until She makes the Repair guy cum. Faith ends Her little "Home Movie" for hubby by saying...." I swear if you pull a stunt like that ever again....I'm gonna Shove this Gigantic cock up My Ass!!!". It's "Casual Friday" @ The Jerk Corp. Faith & Erica are doing some routine paper work....when in walks a Construction Worker!! He & his crew are working outside...and he wants to use their phone. He completes his call....and he seems "distracted" by the Girls...and their Casual Attire. He inquires about what kind of work they do....and the Girls explain it to him...."This is The Jerk Corp....We Jerk-Off boys all day long". When the boy asks how much...the Girls tell him that there is no charge....The Girls Jerk....because they LOVE to Jerk. He tells them that he has 14 more guys working with him!!! Cha-Ching!!!! The Mother-load!!!! Ha Ha Ha. Faith & Erica quickly Jerk him Off, by both Girls Pulling his cock at the same time!! The boy experiences true Team Work....or "Team Jerk" lol. After he has been spermed...the Girls ask him to send all his friends in...."We'll make our quota this week for sure!!!!!!"

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