Jerky Girls Vol. 13 - Big Cum Shot Club

Released at: July 18, 2010 by Jerky Girls
**Carly's Cumblast ** CARLY MAKES A BOY CUM.... AND CUM.......AND CUM...... WHAT A MESS!!!!! There is nothing like watching a 19 year old Girl's face light up as She Makes a boy shoot gallons of sperm!! Carly can't believe what she sees as Multiple Blasts of cum are pulled from her victim. **Cum Time!! ** WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A GIRL JERKS A BOYS COCK? GIVE UP? GALLONS & GALLONS OF SHOOTING CUM, THAT'S WHAT!!! Heather announces that "Cum Time Is Fun Time!!!" Having said that......Heather proceeds to Whack-Off this boy like there's no Tomorrow!!! "This is when the Girls Jerk-Off the boys" She says as She Jerks his throbbing cock until it sprays an ENORMOUS cum blast all over Her bedroom. **Stacey's Cumblast!! ** PRINCESS STACEY KNOW HOW TO MAKE A BOY EXPLODE WITH CUM!!! SHE TAKES HER SHIRT OFF & SHOWS HER TITS.... SHE LETS THE SIMPLE BOY TOUCH HER TITS..... ....AND "KABOOM"!!!!.....CUM EXPLOSION!!!!!! Princess Stacey is in a "Cumblast" takes her shirt off....She knows that boys will sperm Big Time for Her if they can see Her Tits......boys are soooooo simple!!!! Anyway......Princess Stacey even lets the boy touch Her Tits....all part of Her "Master" plan......She knows that this will help too. Next....Stacey Jerks his cock until it explodes!!!!! Cum flies everywhere for the Princess....Big Blasts of Flying Cum!!! **Weapons Of Mass Eruption!! ** MEET 19 YEAR OLD COCK-JERKING PRINCESS DANIELLE!!!! SHE LIKES TO MAKES BOYS DO "BIG SQUIRTS"..... SHE USES HER 'WEAPONS OF MASS ERUPTION"...... .....HER BIG, BEAUTIFUL, BOUNCY, AWESOME TITS!!!!!!!!! Meet Princess Danielle. Danielle is just 19 Years old...but she is already an expert in Squirting boys. According to Danielle....She likes to get "Big Squirts" out of boys....and she tells us her secret......Her WEAPONS OF MASS ERUPTION!!!! Danielle knows that Her Tits are unbelievably she simply removes her shirt....Jerks the boy's cock.....and.........KABOOM!!!!!! HUGE, MASSIVE CUM EXPLOSIONS!!!!!! **A Summer Squirt ** SUMMER SHOOTS THIS BOY'S CUM BIG TIME!!!! ACCIDENTALLY SHOOTING HERSELF IN THE FACE!!! THAT'S WHAT WE CALL A SUMMER SQUIRT!!!!!! "It's a nice day for a Summer Squirt" Summer says eagerly, as she begins to play with this boy's cock. She Jerks his cock with a purpose....Summer wants to make him to shoot a big load for her. Summer jerks his cock TOOOO much...if that's possible Ha Ha Ha!!!! The boy is SOOO Jerked-Off that his cum explodes....hitting Summer right in the face!!! "Summer Squirt? More like a Summer Shower" She says.

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