Jane Darling: Double Feature (French)

Released at: September 5, 2013 by DORCEL (French)
Call Girls Deluxe: "There is nothing here but luxury, sex, and pleasure..." Far from the bustle of the city, a cruiser crosses the sea. On the bridge, a Siren with endless legs exposes her nudity to the sun and then gives her voluptuous body to the desires of the ship's mechanic... In a luxurious villa, two businessmen enjoy the refined companionship of beautiful and uninhibited girls who freely offer them the treasures of their bodies... It is on the seat of a "Rolls" that a play-boy has an intimate encounter with the magnificent breasts, alluring pussy, and welcoming ass of a superb female devotee of perverse pleasures... A true hymn to femininity, this erotic parade in seven scenes exalts female pleasure in all its forms. Sex is the subject of all these experiences, and pleasure is the object of worship. The originality of the penetrations and the vigor of the sodomy have no equal, as does the intensity of the pleasure that is experienced by these modern rivals of Aphrodite.<br><br>Charming Nurses: Recovering consciousness in an ambulance, Eric cannot believe his eyes. The enticing nurse who takes him to the doctor's office has half-opened her blouse to allow her magnificent breasts to pop out. Is this a dream? Is he already in Paradise? A type of paradise, in any case... Then, posing more and more provocatively, a vivacious female doctor who examines him resorts to some very very particular treatment methods: therapeutic fellatio with "deep throat" as a prelude to a more intense treatment during which this beauty offers him her pussy and anus before letting him release the flowing result of her treatment into her mouth.

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