In My Control

Released at: December 13, 2011 by California Star Productions
Nigel runs a clean and sober boarding house and is known for being a strict disciplinarian. Two of his girls are sunbathing outside, when he happens to find some stuff between the cushions of the couch. Jumping to conclusions, he assumes they belong to the girls and asks them to come inside for a talk. Neither one will confess because that would mean a hasty expulsion. Therefore Nigel uses a tried and true method of confession: his bondage ties! Sending one to her room, as he will deal with her later, he quickly ties up the one girl in numerous revealing and painful ties. The ropes eagerly cling to her soft naked skin as Nigel please with her to confess her sings. She refuses to admit to anything, and it's not long before Nigel tries to entice the same confession from our second girl. Unable to get any confessions he has become frustrated when he gets a call from his friend Mike. Mike it seems has lost a bottle of pills at the house. Nigel only hopes that the girls will forgive him for the obvious mistake and the hell that he has put them through.

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