I'm You're New Charity - Homewrecking Neighbor Summer Hart

Released at: February 15, 2019 by Venus Girls Clips
Mike's hot Neighbor Summer comes over for a visit on the pretense of borrowing some tools. It quickly becomes more apparent that she has something more in mind than getting the tools as she starts to stroke Mike's cock beneath his pants. She is so hot that Mike can't resist it when she undresses and takes his rock hard dick out of his pants. That's when everything starts to go wrong for him. She informs him that she has secretly installed cameras around the house; and that unless he starts giving her money and doing household chores around her house for her various sex acts, she is going to tell his wife about how much a pervert he is. Summer sensually strokes his shaft while a hand over his mouth ensures that he can't cry out. She puts her giant Titties into his face make sure his has to suck on her Big Nipples. Then she hotdogs his cock with an amazing Ass Job...Poor Mike has no choice but to submit to her demands.

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