I Fucked The French Baguette Volume 2

Released at: April 24, 2020 by Alex Legend

Last week my roommate was really excited about his tinder date. He told me he had been chatting with that girl and invited her over to hopefully get some action. he showed me some pictures and I was pretty skeptical of his story, the girl was a hot brunette with huge tits and he's a total dork but in LA you never know... I went on with my day and when I got home after the gym I took a shower, next thing you know I see a girl walking in my room looking for the bathroom. She said I looked familiar and showed me her phone. My roommate catfished her using my picture on his profile, now I know how he was able to get her to come hang out, lol. I never want to disappoint a girl and she clearly came over with the intention of getting laid so I didn't have any other choice than pick up my roommate's slack and take her to pound town! Catfish stories are generally always bad but I guess you can say this one is the exception that confirms the rule!

What do I do when I find the hottest busty redhead in the business that goes by the name of Penny Pax in my bedroom? Well I make her suck on the French Baguette so she knows how big and girthy it is. Once she has a pretty good idea I decide to fuck her good and reward her with a big load all over her face! Check it out!

Last week I was watching TV relaxing after a long day when my step daughter walked in wanted to show me the outfit she was gonna wear at her next sorority party. I couldn't believe my eyes, all she was wearing was some fishnet stockings, a g string and a red corset that let her tits show... I don't think I'll ever know if she was really planning on wearing that outfit or she was just teasing me so I would fuck her while her mom is out of town this week. I was pretty horny and she had been teasing me for a while letting her shower door open so I could see her naked so I decided to see if she was as much fun as her mom and guess what?! She is!! It's nice to know that when her mom is out of town I still got a hot piece of ass to play with at home.

When it's your birthday one important thing to do is treat yourself! And that's exactly what I did! I ordered myself a stripper to crank the fun to 11. When I heard a knock on the door I thought that was her, I was already ready to party in my birthday suit on my couch but then I realized that someone made a mistake somewhere cause the girl who showed up was a cupcake delivery girl. I could care less about cupcakes so I asked her if she wanted to be my stripper and knowing how easily she accepted, she must have done that before. I thought she would give me a show but instead she jumped on top of me and started riding my cock. To this day I don't know if she was the stripper I ordered or not and I don't care! I had a blast and she did too (all over her big titties)!

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