I Blow Better Than Mommy 2

Released at: November 24, 2017 by Desperate Pleasures
**Vera Bliss** Hey Daddy, can you come in my room real fast? I have something I want to ask you . Do you think I'm better than Mommy? You don't know what I'm talking about? Well, Daddy why don't I just go ahead and show you what I mean. Come just a little closer Daddy. I'm going to unzip your pants and suck your cock! I promise it'll be our little secret! Mhmm. I just love your hard throbbing cock in my little mouth Daddy. Stroking your cock while I suck it is making your cock leak precum and Daddy, it tastes so yummy! I just want to try and swallow the whole thing for you, Daddy, think it'll fit? Dang Daddy! Your cock is so big when it's fully hard it's making me gag! Do you like that Daddy? By the look on your face, i can tell you do! Daddy, I want you to cum in my mouth! Pretty please! Your cum just states so good I need it in my mouth! **Jessica Jones** Hey, Daddy! I want to ask your opinion on something. You have to be honest with me though. Promise you won't lie to me just to make me happy? Good! I want to know if I blow better than Mommy. That's right Daddy. Your little girl is all grown up and has learned a few tricks. I want to show you some of them! Daddy, I want to gag and deepthroat on your hard cock! You're going to love my deepthroat skills Daddy, I just know it! You may even like them more than when I call you Daddy, Daddy. Just promise me that after you cum at the back of my throat that you'll tell me the God's honest truth if I am better at sucking your cock than Mommy. If not I guess we'll just have to keep practicing together until I get it right, huh? **Melissa Rose** Daddy, I've been thinking about you. I've been thinking about all the things Mommy probably doesn't do for you anymore. Daddy you know, I can probably do those things better than her anyway. Pull your pants off for me Daddy, I can see your cock swelling underneath them. Let me wrap my mouth around you and show you just how I do it. Let me show you how I can make your hard cock disappear down my throat Daddy. I can feel you hold ing back that load, share it with me, Daddy! Blow your load right in my mouth! I want to swallow it whole!

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