How To Train A Hotwife

Released at: April 7, 2015 by New Sensations
Julia's worried. She had thought her marriage was iron clad - until one night when her husband, Carl, tells her he'd like to see her have sex with another man. Worried this could be the beginning of a crumbling marriage, Julia confides in her girlfriend, Violet, about her fears. But Violet's got a surprise…she's been hotwifing for years. Fascinated that happily married people can still engage in open sexual relationships, Julia and Carl begin testing their own limits as a couple. They role play a hotwifing scenario at home, Carl seeks advice from a friend who's frequently hired as a bull by other husbands, and Julia even heads out to a bar to practice flirting with other men. Aroused by her power as a sexual being, and emotionally ready for a new dimension in their relationship, Julia and Carl set out to turn fantasy into a reality.

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