Hot Smokey Mouths 12

Released at: October 1, 2006 by Bob's Videos
Framed by a huge picture window overlooking the end of an airport runway, Loni will help you fly away to a dreamy and smokey fantasy. Slowly and patiently this sequence is dreamlike in the look and feel as each moment unfolds. No stranger to the hot smokey mouth series, Loni again shows a sparkle and enthusiasm as she works for her gooey reward....big brown eyes and soft cuddly breasts adding to the delights her smokey mouth provides. Rubee Tuesday returns for an encore, and describes in detail how much she enjoys the tastes of cock, and cum and smoke together....and proceeds to illustrate her passion for all of it! Great sexy talk...and you'll think you're in the driver's seat enjoying every one of her talents. Very close and intense and personal scene, with Rubee at her best! And the 'old friends' part of volume 12 ends with the first HOT smokey mouth montage put on a film...18 minutes of magical slow motion perfection. New friend Jayna Woods completes her tryout from film U U U . This is actually 2 different scenes blended together into a story of her introduction into the realm of the smokey bj. She dreams of using her hot smokey mouth on a hard dick while she has her pussy munched, an expanded version of a scene introduced briefly in her tryout film. Jayna's shows what a fast learner she is.....maybe not smoking quite enough, but certainly gobbling enough dick to hold your attention....and making her tryout an awesome starting place that she can only improve upon with practice!

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