Hot And Mean 23

Released at: April 8, 2021 by Brazzers
Kleio is at home when she receives a unexpected visitor. Nickey is at the door, demanding that Kleio stop bullying her little sister. Kleio is amused and Nickey pushes her way into the house. Nickey throws Kleio up against the wall to finger her wet pussy. Kleio eggs Nickey on, until Nickey pulls out a strap-on to show Kleio who's boss! Cali and Alex are ready for a night on the town, but the club is nearly empty. Cali is unimpressed and wants to leave, but Alex just wants to party. Cali goes to order drinks and returns to find Alex grinding on some strangers. Pissed, Cali throws the drinks on Alex and drags her to the back to teach her how to behave. While Val might have the body of a ballerina, her instructor, Bridgette, is just not sure she has the drive. Not only has she been late to class too many times to excuse, shes also got poor form, an ill-fitting outfit and an inability to let go and allow the art of dance to take over. Luckily, Bridgette has a solution to that last problem in her experience, a good pussy licking is the perfect way to get her girls to loosen up! Ariella's daughter has friends stay over all the time, but none of them have caught Ariella's attention quite like Ember. Her tight teenage body makes this milf do a double take, which Ember can't help but notice. Ariella tries not to stare and heads to bed with her husband. Little does she realize Ember loves fucking older women, and has plans to seduce her BFF's mom.

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