Homegrown Video #810 - Dong Of The South

Released at: June 4, 2013 by Homegrown Video
'Dong Of The South!' Nicole is a hot from top to bottom blond with tattoos walking through a mall. She gets back to her dwelling and heads for the shower where she lathers up and caresses her tits and ass. After her body is dried off, she prances over to the bed where Kevin waits. She gives him a blowjob POV, then they fuck reverse cowgirl, doggie style, cowgirl, and missionary. She takes his cock in her hand and strokes his meat until he cums, giving her a facial! Lexi Kahn- Curvy MILF Lexi Kahn is realxing on a couch waiting for Doug to stop through so she can suck his cock. She sucks him off, giving him lots of eye contact. Doug takes Lexi and bends her over, fucking her doggie style. He also tries an anal attempt. She finishes him off where she started, with his cock in her mouth. Davie is a hot college girl. She caresses her tits then strips down and fingers her pussy and ass. Davie breaks out some dildos and begins to fuck her pussy with them, starting with a smaller one and working her way up to a large one. She gets to the big 'O' with the large vibrator then finishes with a smoke. Jezebel and Chris walk through a forest to go have some outdoor fun. She plays with her pussy then gives Chris a blowjob until he cums in her mouth!

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