Homegrown Girlfriends 5

Released at: October 7, 2013 by Homegrown Video
Sydney Dawn: Fantasizing About Having Sex On Camera ------------------------------------------------ Florida natives Sydney and Shawn have been fantasizing about being on camera. Sydney starts to masturbate, really getting into it when Shawn returns to join in. He starts eating her out and Sydney starts to moan and groan with pleasure. She takes out his cock and starts licking him and down, getting him nice and hard while talking dirty to him. She hops on top for some reverse cowgirl, grinding her wet pussy on his cock. They move on to missionary and he slams into her, making her perky tits bounce. Sydney works his cock until he blows his load in her face! Nena: Sexy College Girl Loves To Suck Dick ------------------------------------------- Sexy college girl Nena loves to shop, but she also love to suck dick! After a short interview, she pulls down her shirt to show off her 34D natural tits. She takes her clothes off and reveals a shaved pussy, then plays with herself for the camera before she shows off her blowjob skills. Kristen Jordan: Getting Her Pussy Nice And Wet For Some Cock --------------------------------------------- Rocco comes into the room to find his sexy girlfriend Kristen on the bed and he gets some ideas. She tells him to turn off the camera because she doesn't want to end up on the internet, but he convinces her otherwise! She starts to take her clothes and plays with herself, getting her pussy nice and wet for some cock! Reene Marlena: Face Fucked As She Gags On Cock ------------------------------------------- Reene and Harper are making a home movie in this clip. Harper holds the camera as Reene goes down on his big cock and suck him deep. With her red hair pulled back, Harper grabs her head and face fucks her as she gags on his cock. Wanting more, she sucks on him hard until he is ready to drip his cum on her mouth and down her chin.

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