Her Human Ashtray Volume 1

Released at: September 9, 2022 by Domestic Femdom

4 classic POV scenes 23+ Minutes of Action. Featured in this collection are the following:

Community Park Ashtray: Nina Hiss' slave thinks he is safe from her - however, she shows her dominance by asserting he must always be subservient to her anywhere. They find a secluded spot where he must get on his knees by the park bench and become her ashtray. Each flick of ash must be savoured and enjoyed, with the added humiliation of being at a place he thought he was safe.

Useful only as an Ashtray: Things haven’t started very well with Miss Wildfire’s new slave. He’s already burned himself and servitude hasn’t been the best. So, after being tasked with lighting her cigarette he’s then given the opportunity to stroke the long leather boots of the blonde Mistress. Some slaps from the beautiful leather gloves for slow responses sets up for the main course. He is today going to be her ashtray, and smoke slave. Taking the ash in the mouth whenever she needs to flick her ash, but also, ingesting the smoke she exhales, taking it all in to the lungs and breathing it out. More slaps for punishment as he breaths out onto her. So, just about useful as an ashtray.

Ignoring the human ashtray: Foxtress likes her slaves quiet. While this one was allowed to accompany her to the park he is to be seen but not heard. She ignores him as she enjoys a cigarette - maybe he can come in useful as an ashtray.

Garden Ashtray for Three Divine Ladies: Sometimes the best place for a sub is in the garden. To be ornamental, like an outdoor ashtray for ladies to use as they please. But can he handle three cigarettes at once? Devon Breeze, Catalia Valentine and Jasmine Brooks all take great delight in flicking ash and blowing smoke on this human ashtray. They even subtly tease him as they seductively share smoke with each other, while also deciding whether he gets to swallow or sit with a mouthful of ash. Once they're finished - they leave him with a mouthful of ash and cigarette butts, ready for when they next need a break.

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