Hawaii Sex-O - Remastered Grindhouse Edition

Released at: November 18, 2011 by 42nd Street Pete VOD
Hawaii Sex-O (1971) Porn guys would always bastardize a hit movie or TV show for a little. A couple lament about a guy named Jackson. "He talked me everything I know,' she says. Too bad he didn't teach you how to act. They get naked and hit the beach. She's a pretty-well built brunette. Her name is Delilah. They fuck as the waves roll over them.

From the late 60s to the mid 90s you could always find a grindhouse, shoebox, or storefront theater running non-stop sleaze. Some were actually open 24/ 7 like that Den of Depravity, The Harem, which showed four continuous features. Being that most of these films ran a scant 60 minutes or less, you got at least four hours of personal pleasure for only 99 cents in the golden 70s. These theaters were creepy places: dimly lit, bathrooms a mugger's paradise, and a staggering array of human flotsam was on display including junkies, winos, low-end career criminals, hookers, drag queens, and homeless guys looking for a place to sleep. This DVD represents the way these grindhouse gems were shown - nonstop! After Hours Cinema realizes the importance of these films and has restored them to the best possible condition with all the defects intact! So sit back, pop one open or twist one up, and enjoy this lost slice of original American sex cinema!

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