Grand Theft Nuru

Released at: June 29, 2022 by Fantasy Massage
Kristen Scott, a masseuse, is waiting for her next client when she finds a suspicious guy (Robby Echo) looking inside. He wants an erotic massage and doesn't have an appointment. This makes Kristen even more suspicious that he's probably an undercover cop. Robby will have to prove to Kristen that he's not a cop if he wants this massage. A young woman, Coco Lovecock, ducks into a massage parlor as the sound of police sirens outside come and go. But she sees two strangers, Kayla Paige and Billy Boston, expectedly watching her. Kayla, the owner of the parlor, has mistaken her for a new employee! Afraid of being kicked out, Coco plays along. She may not be good at massaging, but she is good at pleasing lovers. Lacy Lennon, a masseuse who runs a home massage parlor is arguing with her boyfriend. She is accusing him of taking her for granted and not paying attention to her. After he leaves, she gets an idea on how to teach him a lesson. Later that day, Lacy welcomes her latest client, Seth Gamble. She has upgraded his standard massage to a NURU, which seems to be a part of her plan. It looks like Lacy is TRYING to get caught!

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