Ginger Snap Pregnant

Released at: November 11, 2013 by 97% Amateurs
Ginger Snap is a bit over 30 and 6 months pregnant in this session. She introduces herself. Rubs her belly. Pulls her top down to reveal C-cup boobs with bigger than average dark nipples. Some boob juggling. Same in slow motion. Pushes her boobs together. Nice bumps on her areolas. Pushes her boobs together with her upper arms. A nipple stretch. Boob choke and wiggle. Same in slow motion. Leans forward and wiggles her boobs from side to side. Sits down and takes her shoes off. We look at her feet. Gets up. Takes her see-thru dress off. Holds her belly in a side view. Sits down with her legs spread and we zoom in on her pussy ... She puts on black fishnets and pulls the fishnet outfit high up over her belly. With her but towards me she wiggles her butt cheeks in slow motion. Turns around for a belly view from all angles. Some jumping for boob and belly bounces. Same in slow motion. Running in place. Same in slow motion. Jumping with her hands over her heads. Same in slow motion. Boobs doing circles. Our jump and wiggle combo. Same in slow motion. Our Bermuda Triangle pose. Poking her boobs from the sides. Same in slow motion. Colliding boobs. Same in slow motion. Ginger Snap on the ground with her belly hanging in a nice side view. Butt view with her left hand on her butt. We look between her legs and see her belly hang and pussy. Side view of her boobs with a nice wiggle. Off with the fishnets. She tosses it and walks off the set. Comes back with a dark blue long tube top which she pulls over her belly and boobs. Close-up of her pubic mound as she does a slow motion pubic mound wiggle. Lying on her back with her hands over her boobs. A body scan and then focusing on her pussy with her legs apart. Pushes her boobs together. Pulls on her nipples, and then lets go. Same in slow motion. Vacuum cupping of her nipples including some low motion boob and nipple bouncing. Super close-up of her spread pussy and big close-up of her lit. Clit wiggling. Same in slow motion. Pussy spreading. Super close-up of her pussy and we look at her doing some really nice pussy flexing. Same in slow motion. Pulls and releases her pussy lips several times. We zoom in. Same in slow motion. Still with her legs wide apart and her hands pushing her pussy lips tightly together. Pushes her pussy lips together and wiggles it. Same in slow motion. Bumps her pubic mound and makes it jiggle. Same in slow motion. Gets up and pulls her long tube top over her boobs, then takes it off and walks off the set. Comes back and we see her trying on a black piece of lingerie in a monokini style with some bling on the bra cups. She takes some time fitting it and adjusting it, making sure it covers the belly. Makes for a nice accent to the shape of the belly. Hands on her belly. Pulls the top down to expose her boobs. Wiggles her belly side to side with the top dangling down below her belly. Some nipple flicking. Same in slow motion. Some nipple pulling and releasing. Same in slow motion. Another outfit change with Ginger Snap getting into a hot pink stretchy fishnet with a lathe pattern of holes. It stretches from her boobs and all over her belly. She squats to the ground and sits on her heels looking up at the camera. This last scene is 7 minutes 47 seconds and is entirely devoted to Ginger Snap playing with a glass dildo and glass butt plug. The dildo is one of our biggest and it was an easy fit and a lot of fun for her. Pushes the glass dildo out of her pussy using just her pussy muscles and then inserts the butt plug. This is a first for us. We are usually happily surprised when a pregnant model chooses to use a dildo ... But she doubles your pleasure by watching her using a butt plug as well. She says, "Hope you enjoyed it ... Bye-bye!"

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