Ghetto Ass 3 Tape 1

Released at: August 28, 2008 by 3XL Productions
More Ghetto hoes caught on tape suckin' dick and gettin' sperm splashed in they gawd damn grill. I got 3 hoes on this joint! Chastity, Alexxxis and Fluffy. Alexxxis sucks my dick and then I shoot sperm on her face. Chastity dances for me and gives me a handjob and then I skeet on her stomach. Fluffy sucks my dick at her apartment and I skeet on her tits. She wanted to buy her newborn baby a crib but had no money. So I told her if she sucks me right I would go and buy her one. After she sucks me off and I skeet on her she almost vomits in the bathroom. She also has a shower scene. ALL REAL AND ALL AMATEUR!!!

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