Foxy Lady 3 - L'Insatiable

Released at: July 25, 2013 by Teresa Orlowski (French)
Teresa Orlowski introduces us to the stunning Jennifer Jost in the 3rd installment of the Foxy Lady series. This volume takes a little departure from the previous two volumes of the Fox Lady series as it is presented as a feature film with a plot line and a surprise twist at the end. Frank Mazars and wife Annette (Jennifer Jost) are in debt to a strip club owner so they decide to rent their apartment to Teresa Orlowski to shoot some porn pics. Teresa arrives with Gabriel Pontello, Pjotr Stanislas and Diane Suresne for the shoot. The wife leaves them to it and the shoot soon turns into an orgy. Frank watches and eventually joins in. At this point the wife comes back to have a peep. Gabriel Pontello comes up behind her and she joins in too. After the shoot/orgy they all have dinner and the situation is explained to Teresa. The woman to whom they owe money(Tatjana Maradino)turns up and Teresa pays her. She is then co-opted into a resumption of the orgy and turns out to be pre-op transsexual.

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