For Being Impertinent

Released at: July 23, 2008 by Red Stripe
Miss Chambers is most displeased, she has discovered, that Louise and Maria have not only been falling behind with their studies, but in order to make some money, they have been posing for a local photographer. The pictures he has taken are likely to bring the school into disrepute, should they ever be seen by the general public. Louise and Maria are unaware, that Miss Chambers is in possession of the incriminating photos and when confronted by their teacher lie to her, which proves to be a big mistake. When Miss Chambers shows the girls the proof, they can do nothing but admit the offence. Maria is an habitual miscreant, and knows just what to expect. Louise is new girl and has no idea what is going to happen to her, but she soon finds out. To make matters worse, both girls argue with Miss Chambers, which makes her very cross. She begins by putting Louise over her knee and administering a hard spanking, firstly over her white school knickers, and then on her bare bottom. Louise struggles and protests, which earns her several sharp slaps on the backs of her thighs. When at last Louise is allowed to rise, she is sent to stand in the corner, and her place is taken by Maria, who receives an even harder spanking. You would have thought that both girls would have learned their lesson, but they both continue to protest and argue. Miss Chambers is determined to show them that it is in their best interests to take their punishment stoically. Once Maria has received her well deserved spanking, Miss Chambers makes both girls bend over their desks, where she administers a slippering, the result of which leaves both girls bottoms, very red and sore. To illustrate to the girls just how angry she is, Miss Chambers puts the photos of the girls on her desk, and then in turn, makes each girl bend over the desk, so they can see the photos whilst Miss Chambers administers a severe strapping of over thirty six strokes to both their bare bottoms in turn. Maria who has been to see Miss Chambers on many previous occasions, knows what to expect next, but it is Louise the new girl who is first to bend over the desk to receive a hard, eighteen stroke caning. She continues to argue, and is promised extra strokes when Miss Chambers is finished with Maria. Maria knows it is pointless to argue, and obediently bends over when told, and tearfully takes her punishment. Miss Chambers hasn't forgotten Louise, and gives her an extra six strokes of the cane.

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