Foot Fetish Daily #11

Released at: November 27, 2012 by Kick Ass
2014 AVN Award Nominee for Best Foot/Leg Fetish Release.

Even Al Bundy would be motivated towards his uncharismatic job again if he had to wait on beautiful women of this caliber hand and foot (literally). He wouldn't talk about his 4 touchdown game, and he wouldn't miss the good old days either.

Most people go through their days without giving any serious thought to the erotic potential of a woman's foot. Luckily, we don't have much in common with most people! To us, and certainly to you, a day without the thought of a sexy lady's feet is quite simply unimaginable, a wasted day! While it may seem tragic that most people overlook those soft soles, agile toes and lickable insteps, the beauty of this situation is crystal clear: more feet for us!

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