First Time Anal #2

Released at: July 16, 2009 by Philly Amateurs
FUCKING AMAZING!!!! That's what most people who've seen this movie have said. This is truly for the die hard fans of hot brunette's with huge tits on a great fit body getting their anal cherry popped for the first time and on film!!!! Watch as she and her man decide to do her very first anal ever, both in general and on camera on Valentine's Day no less. Tara has the most beautiful 38 DD natural tits that any tit loving horn dog would love to lick, suck, and fuck. Watch as a vibrator is in her pussy while he pounds that sweet untouched tight asshole away. It's so tight and unused that he has a hard time getting his big cock up that hole. While he's fucking her ass she keeps telling him to take it easy but still handles it as if she were a pro. Could this really be her "first time" or is she truly enjoying her first time anal? She smiles and moans and enjoys it all the way through. Movie ends with cum inside her ass. If you love the couple you see in this movie then check out their other movie available titled ~~ Hot Couples Having Hot Sex # 4 ~~ and if you like the ~~First Time Anal ~~ movies then check out the series.

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