Fetish 36 - Smelly Foot Domination Tickle Torture

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel had Ashlynn over for her regular massage. Ashlynn wanted an earlier appointment but Rachel said it would have to be after she finished her workout. Ashlynn began to complain that Rachel's massage was lacking. Rachel had enough of her complaints. She took off her stinky sneaker and smothered her face and made her to smell her sweaty feet. Ashlynn begged her to stop as her socks smelled so bad. Rachel told her over and over again to smell her stinky feet. Rachel took her sock off and put it in Ashlynn's mouth. She pinned her and began tickling her. Ashlynn laughed hard but was made to smell Rachel's socks at the same time. Rachel made Ashlynn be her smelly foot and tickle toy.

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