Fetish 176 - Age Fetish

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel was a gold-digger who married a wealthy man with two sons. She did not get along with them, and thought they were a couple of brats. One evening, with her husband away on business, she decided to have a night out. She stripped naked and was about to try on a dress when a girlfriend phoned. Rachel went straight out to the living-room to answer the call. Every inch of her sexy curvaceous body was on display. During the conversation with her girlfriend, Rachel mentioned that she felt annoyed because her husband had left his two step-son's in charge while he was gone. She spoke of how ridiculous and wrong and it was for herself - a 45 year old stepmother - to be answerable to a pair of bois no older than 21. Little did she know it, but one of those stepsons was sneakily listening in at the door. As soon as Rachel ended her call, he walked in and told that her that she was going to be punished for her negative comments about him and his step-brother. Grabbing hold of her ear, he dragged her - surprised and yelping - over to the couch. There he bent her over his knee, and started to give her a hard, humiliating and painful ass-spanking. Rachel cried out in disbelief and outrage, yet she was unable to work herself free from her young stepson's strong clutches. Who do you think you are? She demanded. You think you are a man? You are not! You are just a boi! How dare you a treat a woman my age this way! But all this venting merely made the experience worse. Her stepson increased his punishment, spanking her harder and more frequently until the flesh of both her shapely ass-cheeks took on a rosy glow. Presently, Rachel threatened to tell her husband all about the incident when he got back. But her stepson was not concerned. Picking up the phone, he called his step-father and explained what he was doing. The older man had no problem with it. If his wife was being naughty, it was his stepson's duty to punish her in his absence. More spanking followed. When it appeared as if Rachel had been chastened into obedience, the stepson got her to sit up on his lip. Her manner for a while seemed sweet and flirtatious. She led her stepson on, drawing his attention to her lovely big tits. He couldn't help giving in to his desire to fondle them and lick and suckle upon their nipples. Who's in charge now? Rachel asked him, smiling slyly. But she did not get the answer that she hoped for. Instead, her stepson re-asserted his authority by putting her back over his knee. After he had given Rachel another long and thorough spanking, he ordered her to go stand in the corner of the room. Rachel did so - her manner now that of a meek school-gurl. A few moment's passed, then the stepson told her to go clean the kitchen. However, he changed his mind a second a later and called out to his step-brother. Rachel shut her eyes and slumped to the floor in despair. She knew she was about to endure a whole new spanking ordeal at the hands of her other bratty stepson.

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