Fetish 173 - Foot Fantasies - Bunion Feet 5

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel is in her closet preparing to dress for work when she notices that one of her biggest admirers is watching. She looks as sexy as ever dressed in tight and skimpy red lingerie that gives a delicious eyeful of her shapely body. Presently she tries on some stockings that her admirer sent her. There is the elegant dressing-ritual of her rolling them over her feet, sliding them up her lovely sleek legs, and fastening them at the tops of her thighs. Knowing that her admirer likes her bunions, she spends a while showing them off for him. Next she dons a pair of high-heels. They are very tight and her body weight pushes her feet down into them until her toes are squeezed together. Continuing with her dressing, she puts on a tight skirt to complete a very sexy, professional look. She then tries out a series of shoes - walking about in them, paying attention to how her bunions feel. After taking them off, she curls and flexes her toes to make the soreness and stiffness go away, then sits down on the floor to take the weight off her feet. There she sensually strokes her silky stockings and gets into different positions for the benefit of her admirer. She gives views of the soles and heels of her feet and the backs of her thighs with the stocking tops showing. Finally, she puts on a last pair of shoes. These were given to her by her admirer. She likes them the best for their comfortable fit and stylish look. They even show off a little bit of toe cleavage. Coming out the closet, Rachel looks out the window and sees that it is a beautiful day. All of sudden she can't bear the thought of going to work. Instead she reclines on her bed intent on tending to her feet and playing with her shoes while her admirer continues to watch.

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