Female Agent Presents Cynthia And Jay

Released at: July 9, 2013 by Female Agent Clips
Cynthia is doing casting call interviews today and when Jay walks into her office she thinks she's finally found someone that will work. She has him undress and show off his toned body; he's a bit shy at first, but agrees to undress. But then Cynthia starts to undress, and Jay gets nervous! She instructs him every step of the way - telling him how to lick her pussy, and how to fuck her properly. After a heady fuck session, and being a newbie to the business, Jay is understandably reaching his bursting point! He cums inside Cynthia while she's riding his cock, and she wastes no time shaming him for his eruption! Jay apologizes profusely, but Cynthia has no mercy, suggesting that perhaps this isn't the business for him!

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Cynthia, Jay