Female Agent Presents - Angelina

Released at: October 8, 2013 by Female Agent Clips
Angelina is so petite; like a sexy nymph and has the sexiest eyes I can ever remember laying eyes on really. Her tiny frame comes complete with a pert pair of tits that go well with her tiny frame, and nice nipples that spring up like a rabbit ears when alerted. She also has an amazing bottom that is tight and firm, I even at one point in the casting pulled her tight cheeks apart so the camera could see the beautifully framed pussy within these guardian ass cheeks. She really had me turned on, especially when I saw her glorious frame revealed during the casting pictures shoot. She seemed dubious about doing a casting video at first until I realized she only wanted a shower so her pussy would be fresh and damp for me when I slid my fingers inside her. We started off with some slow kissing, like tentative teenagers but we were soon rolling around on the couch, squeezing and fondling our bodies, a hungry quest for elation. I fingered her tight pussy before getting her to straddle me so I could suck on those breasts as I brought her to heaven with my hand. Then it was her turn and she did not let me down. I had the feeling I wasn't the first women to get the benefits of her finger fucking skills and my orgasm was so powerful I couldn't even moan as I climaxed, the pleasure waves rocking my body stole my voice away. An amazing casting with a genuinely horny, tiny woman who deserves every success in this business. A delicious fuck.

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