Federal Breast Inspectors

Released at: May 21, 2006 by Hustler
Women broadcast secret messages from their breasts! A plot to take over the world is exposed! Can the agents of the FBI, Federal Breast Inspectors, stop them in time? --

A sexy housewife has been using her ample cleavage to gt out of traffic tickets. Agent J is on the case to make sure she pays her fines.

The big boss lady has a bomb that will help women take over the world. Agent T knows that his big gun will stop her!

Mrs. Peal's cookies sell by the millions because of her sexy picture on the bag. Agent B decides to bake some new cookies in Mrs. Peal's hot box.

A sultry lawyer has been using her nice titties to get the verdict she desires. Agent X will get his hands on the evidence and explore it from top to bottom.

This country music legend has really big tits but she can't sing a lick. Agent Q decides to check out her true lung capacity.

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