Fake Agent UK Presents - Amama

Released at: April 7, 2021 by Fake Agent UK Clips
I was walking down the street and a cute redhead caught my eye coming toward me. As she got closer I began to recognize her. It was Amarna, a hot Spanish chick I'd interviewed ages ago. So we stopped, chatted and I found out she was still looking for porn work in the UK. Bingo. So I got her back to the office pronto, and we started a 2nd interview from the top. Like I said, this chick really floated my boat... Red hair, petite, cute natural tits with a round pert arse. Very nice. After warming her up by sticking my finger in her arse (which was pretty tight I might add) I got her onto cock swallowing skills, which I'd forgotten how good she was at taking cock down her throat. Swallowed the lot, to the hilt. Perfect. I must say, this girl has stamina, she fucked and fucked and fucked, I don't know how I managed to hold off cumming for so long. Then all the bucking, squirming and riding had done the trick, and I bolted hot wads of cum all over her neatly thatched pussy hair.

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