Extreme Sex and Submission

Released at: February 8, 2013 by Wasteland Studios
Wasteland (winner AVN Best BDSM/Fetish and XBiz Excellence in Alternative Erotica awards) produces some of the most cutting edge BDSM movies ever shot. The Rack Of Pain: Eric X is not known for his soothing nature. When he asks his submissiveto obey, she better obey. Unfortunately for Leila, she just cannot remember the rules of engagement. Soon, her screams of ecstasy have the hairs on our arms standing on end. Screams, Wax and ElectroShocks: This poor sexy slave has no idea what she is in store for when she first finds herself tied to a wooden bondage chair. Little did she know that what began as a fun BDSM session, would soon enough turn into one of the most electrifying experiences that she would ever enjoy. The Domination Duo: The duo of Mistress Irony and Master Eric X team up once again to enjoy their submissive Leila in what ends up being one wonderfully hardcore BDSM session.

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