Extreme Close Up: Sunrise

Released at: August 26, 2008 by Vivid
When Sunrise, a beautiful aspiring porn producer fantasizes about the kinds of movies she would like to produce, hold on, because this gal has a truly VIVID imagination. For instance, a bodacious chick cruises an audience to find a guy who will volunteer to be fucked in public. Well -- hello . . . If this were the opera, she might not expect to get any takers, but at a strip club . . . what's surprising is that she wasn't stampeded to death by the throngs of willing cock-heavy dudes just waiting for such a turn. And as luck would have it, the budding producer's star with 44DD knockers finds her volunteer, and they proceed to fuck each other's brains out! Sunrise as you've never seen her before. Her life. Her love. Her fantasies. SUNRISE: EXTREME CLOSE UP. The closest you can get without the commitment.

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