Everything Butt - Featuring Mr. Pete and Beverly HIlls

Released at: June 11, 2013 by Kink.com
Take a look at the cover and immediately you see that you found the movie you've been looking for! Anything goes!

Beverly Hills has some perky big tits and a fit little waist. Watch her roll around with her fingers plunging her holes. She enjoys her asshole so much that she gapes herself and licks her fingers afterward!

Whispering to you to jerk yourself to her pushing all her toys up into her asshole. She starts with a glass dildo that she sucks on once it's out of her - "such a yummy asshole," she says. Then she shoves two metal anal beads up into herself several times then licks them. When she's done with that, she sucks on a very large glass dildo and gags on it. She's not used to such a large glass toy as it shocks her. She pulls out a butt plug and a vibrator to use simultaneously on herself as she whimpers with pleasure.

Beverly Hills made a few mistakes and must be disciplined. She's spanked then put in a cage. She ends up having to p.p. and her master, Mr. Pete, lets her go in a bucket in front of him. When he lets her out, he shoves a bunch of fruit up into her asshole to teach her not to eat all the food. Then he pushes a phone up into her ass to teach her not to delete all the messages. This is only part of her punishment!

He grabs her by the head and fucks her face. She gags on the girth at the back of her throat. Every time she has air, she's saying "thank you, Sir." Once he's done fucking her face, he decides to let her suck at his dick with her asshole from every position. There is still one more part to her punishment.

Master doesn't like his slave being lazy. To teach her, he pumps milk as an enema into her asshole through a tube. She has to get all the fluid in the bucket without spilling any or letting it come out anywhere else.

Beverly Hills talks to Mr. Pete about everything that went on in the movie, afterwards.

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