Enter the Facesitter

Released at: April 22, 2009 by Roman Video
Enter a world of submission and humiliation. Enter a land of warm, wet pussies and assholes. Enter your most secret desire and your worst nightmare. Scene One - Ultra-hot Mistress Carmella Bing looms over you like a raven-haired, giant breasted Titan in this close-up POV. Amused by your pathetic obedience, she orders you to kiss her ass and lick her pussy. She calls you humiliating names as she SMOTHERS you between her massive tits. Enter the bedroom where the FACESITTING has already started. Slave Brandon babbles incoherently as he slurps at Mistress Carmella's pussy. Her boobs wobble wildly as she grinds on his mug. She gets on her hands and knees and makes him WORSHIP HER BUTT. She lies on her side with Brandon's head clamped between her thighs, providing an amazing view of Brandon working tongue deep into her asshole. As she lies on her stomach Brandon absolutely gorges himself on her ass. Impressed by his single-minded devotion, she calls him an "ass-licking savant"! He begs and pleads to fuck her. She whacks his dick away, pushes him onto his back and again sits on his face. She rides his tongue to an earth-shaking orgasm! Scene Two - You may try to hide it, but evil Mistress Penny Flame knows what a worthless, groveling pervert you really are. As she teases you with her tight, young, naked flesh, she VERBALLY HUMILIATES you. She shows you the hot ass you can never touch, the sweet pussy you can never penetrate. And speaking of penetration... enter the FACE DILDO! Mistress Penny's worthless slave-husband Brandon whimpers as she straps the artificial dick to his chin. As he lies on the bed, she REVERSE FACESITS him, guiding the dildo into her pussy. She slowly fucks that chin-cock while telling Brandon how much she prefers it to his wimpy dick. Giving the dildo a brief break, she gets on her hands and knees and lets Brandon hungrily lick and suck her asshole. Then she guides the dildo back in, letting him face fuck her

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