Endless Cummers #1

Released at: January 17, 2009 by iZoom Video
**Do You Wanna Fuck!!!** Left alone again while her boyfriend goes out with the guys to shoot some pool, Britney gets frustrated and pissed off until one of her boyfriends buddy's shows up unannounced. Just to horny to care, she asks the ultimate question and boy does she get a response. He rams his hard cock down her throat, crams it up her pussy, and pulls out to spray his juice all over her belly and tits. Not a good idea to invite one of your friends over when you aren't home, and your girlfriend is pissed at you and horny. **At The Gym? Yeah Right!!** ''Hey Mackenzie, you said you were at the gym. You don't even have a gym bag with you, and don't tell me it's in your locker. You hair is not even wet. If you are chasing cock at the fucking gym, I will give you fucking cock right here.'' Watch Alex let Mackenzie know what is really going on. From right on the dining room table to the bedroom, he lets her have it good, and unloads all over her face. **Elizabeth Fucks for an ''A''** Failing at her computer class, Elizabeth asks her teacher for some help. When he shows up and finds out that she has no clue what is going on with her work, he decides she could improve her grade another way. He lets her know what she can do to earn her ''A'', and she really goes for it. He fucks her every way he can think of, and dumping a huge load on her face, just to make his point. This is a hot one !! **Sometimes Peeping Pays Off!** Krista is taking a shower thinking she is all alone, but her young brother-in-law spots her in the door mirror. Can't blame him for what he does, but when he gets caught it's really a surprise. She doesn't get mad about it, she let's him know she is in control, until he blows a huge load all over her beautiful tits. Great fucking, sucking and pussy licking make this a hot one to see.

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Krista, Shaggy