Dixies Trailer Park

Released at: June 10, 2013 by Trix Video
  • Studio Trix video
  • Duration 01:04:00
  • Production year 2011
  • Scene count 1
  • Cast
There is something special about Southern girls who live in trailer parks! I'm sure you have driven by those places, seen the girls sitting out on the porches or walking down the roads with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other! They usually wear cut off jeans, cheap halter tops, flip flops, or just bare feet! Let us tell you right now that they do like to fuck and they usually don't care who they fuck as long as they can drink beer and smoke while doing it! These teenage girls give it up to not so distant cousins, friends, neighbors, and even guys who just happen to drive by at the right time! Even the Trailer Park clubhouse is used for fucking, along with the laundry, vacant trailers and the swimming pool area too! This video show it all and we have assembled some of the wildest, never before seen scenes from ~~Dixies Trailer Park~~!

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