Dirty Debutantes #334

Released at: February 6, 2012 by Ed Powers Productions
In this volume the reality continues with new faces and true Dirty Debutantes making their debut in the adult entertainment arena. You'll see lovely Thai Michelle take her first steps, so to speak, as her sexual self is awakened. Cutie pie Roxy Rush finds herself enjoying it all. Ginger Taylor takes her first step into the adult arena as well. It's all about sexuality, reality and the nitty gritty. Please enjoy volume ~~Dirty Debutantes #334~~. Made with love from me, Ed Powers, to you.

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Scene1: 00:00:22 - 00:36:18 (35:56)


Roxy Rush

Scene2: 00:36:19 - 01:22:25 (46:06)

Scene3: 01:22:26 - 02:00:59 (38:33)