Devon Michaels Loves Zeb Atlas

Released at: May 4, 2018 by She Loves Her Man
If you're going to take a trip around the world of porn, you need an Atlas - Zeb Atlas, bodybuilder, stud and porn star. Who could be better to be your tour guide than his girlfriend Devon Michaels, also a body builder and porn star. Devon shows off Zeb's amazing body as she displays her own astounding muscular physique. Devon starts the tour by sucking Zeb's rock hard cock. On their way to the fucking tour, Devon enjoys some rimming action, and judging by the moans, Zeb clearly gets off on it, too. The main itinerary of the trip begins with slow, rhythmic fucking, which gradually speeds up like a runaway tour bus. The pace continues to vary, and so do the positions. We get great pictures of the terrain - Zeb's and Devon's chiseled physiques - from every angle. Our trip ends in wetness, first from the river of cum that Zeb Atlas spews all over Devon Michaels and the surrounding scenery, and then from the shower, where they both clean up and we get a remarkable view of their glistening, glowing, wet bodies.

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