Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 41

Released at: November 22, 2010 by Ed Powers Productions
Everyone knows how real Ed Powers' videos are. In Deep Inside, there is less editing, meaning you'll see what is usually cut out of videos, and this gives you more of the feeling of being there like a fly on the wall. You've not just there for the sex, but for the videotaping of a new experience. The experience is that of Ed Powers and the Dirty Debutantes. See it for yourself; it's in your hands. In this volume, you'll see sexy Jacynda in a solo masturbation in a swimming pool. Rapture in her first time on-camera and Dominique Dupre and Samantha Idol in a hot girl-girl. Dominique and I hit off, so after the girl-girl we did a quickie. Ed had to get into the act! What act? This is all real! Enjoy! Made with love from your Nasty Bro., Ed Powers

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