Damsel In Distress 994 - Whorehouse Hell - Misty's Trials

Released at: May 15, 2020 by Red MILF Productions
Misty's mind reeled. She was caught up in a whirlwind of horror. One moment she was being fucked in the missionary position, the next she was on her side, getting fucked spoon-style while the man's hand clutched her throat. Her sobs were constant - as he was pounding her pussy. Having her get onto her hands and knees and fucked from behind, the man took her once again in the missionary position. This time he pushed her legs back against her tits so that he could fuck her deep as possible. Misty's response was a confusion of feelings - part pleasure, part despair. Occasionally she called through her gag for her mother. The man took great pleasure in reminding her of Jessica's own predicament. The MILF was tied up and too busy getting a fucking of her own to offer any help. Finally, after pounding Misty's pussy with a bed-shaking fury, the man pulled out, yanked her gag down, held her face still, and shot his huge load into her mouth and all over her lips and cheeks. She could not help but to swallow the cum that went into her mouth While Misty laid there. The man left the room and met up with his partner. Together they found the money that the mother and daughter had made that day. It was the final blow for the two women. As their two attackers mocked them, they dwelt on the horrible turn their fortunes had taken. For a brief moment they had been happy. Now they were humiliated and miserable - all their hard earned money gone. Their mingled moans of anguish could be heard throughout the cathouse.

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