Damsel In Distress 541 - Flight Attendant Fucked

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Taylor worked as a flight attendant on a private corporate jet. He job was to cater to the wealthy business men and woman. She was used to five star accommodations. Due to mechanical problems the flight had to land at a small rural airport. The town they landed in was remote and there were no hotels for her to stay. The airport manager arranged for her to stay in a small lodge. She got a ride and let herself in. She was disgusted with the place. Taylor was on her cell phone with another attendant when the man who owned the place came to greet her. She put her hand up and continued her call. She was very rude to him, ordering him to fetch her bag and ignoring his welcome. The man could not stand city bitches like her and he had a few stay in the past. He showed her to her room. Taylor made fun of how tacky it was there. She continued to insult he man. He became angrier by the minute. He brought in her bag, dropped it on the floor and walked out. She layed on top of the bedspread in her clothes. Later, the man snuck in to room with a mask on. He covered her mouth and brought her to her feet. He had such a grip on her. When she got up she was taped in a swing hanging from the ceiling. Her legs were spread wide in stirrups and hanging from the ceiling by rusty chains. She was gagged. He told her what a bitch she was and he was going to humiliate her. He unbuttoned her uniform and pulled out her big tits. He pulled her head back and shoved his cock down the back of her throat. She choked and gagged as she took the cock upside down and all the way down her throat. She realized that her smart mouth had gotten her into real trouble. It was not like she had not gone down on a few VIPs in the jet before.She told the man that she would do whatever he wanted just as long as he let her go. The man then pulled her panties to the side and fucked her prissy pussy. Taylor was alone and helpless, she had to do what he wanted. There was nothing she could do to resist. Her hands and feet were bound. He just bounced her on his cock for as long as he liked. He took her down to her knees made her finish the job. He drove his cock deep into her throat. Her hands were behind her back so she could not slow down the assault. The man thought of each snotty bitch as he thrust his cock hard face fucking the flight attendant. He finally pulled and shot his load all over her face. Cum dripped down her face onto her tits. She got what she deserved!

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