Damsel In Distress 538 - Funeral Fuckers

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel and her daughter Charlene received news that her husband Bob passed away in the night. They both broke down and never felt so alone. Rachel was instructed to contact the funeral home as soon as possible to get it out of the way. That afternoon, she and her daughter went to the appointment to speak to the funeral director. He and a young man greeted them and offered their condolences. Rachel and Charlene sobbed, just wanting it to be over. The man gave her a folder with paperwork to sign and left the room. Rachel cried as she read where he was to be buried and he had a plot for her too. As Rachel bent over to sign, the two men grabbed them, covering their mouths and dragging them off. They bound their hands behind their back and gagged them both. The men put them in the back of an old hearse and drove to a remote location. Rachel and Charlene screamed through their gags and fought to get loose from their restraints to no avail. The men pulled them out of the hearse and took them inside. Candles were lit, and an upside down cross was set on an alter. There were books of evil about. The women were terrified. The men laughed and told them they deal with the dead, now it time to live it up! They pulled their dresses down and panties. One at a time they made the mother and daughter to suck their cocks. Charlene was a virgin and was gagging. Rachel was made to take all of the other man's cock so she could not make a sound.

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