Damsel In Distress 535 - Cheetah Humiliates Wunder Woman

Released at: October 14, 2012 by Red MILF Productions
Wunder Woman heard news Cheetah wanted a truce. Wunder Woman suspected it was a trick so she carefully snuck through trap doors and secret passageways to sneak up on her feline foe. Wunder Woman found Cheetah's nest and she was curled up purring. However she was aware of Wunder Woman's presence. Wunder women bent down to wake Cheetah when Cheetah attacked. They fought a battle of strength, each struggling for control. Wunder Woman threw blows to Cheetah's belly finally knocking her out. As Cheetah fell her henchman grabbed Wunder Woman from behind. They fought until he was able to steal her belt, rendering her weak and helpless. The henchman choked Wunder Woman out in a head lock. Wunder Woman regained consciousness and found herself in a dark room naked from the waist down. Her Amazon tits where exposed. Cheetah and her henchman began their fun. Cheetah nibbled and sucked on Wunder Woman's neck before she mounted the Amazon princess. Wunder Woman warned Cheetah she would never get away with this humiliating act. They laughed at poor Wunder Woman. Cheetah's henchman slid his cock into her mouth as Cheetah fucked her pussy with a huge strap-on cock. Cheetah brought her to her knees. Wunder Woman was to suck the cock while Cheetah fucked Wunder Woman from behind. Wunder Woman was completely humiliated. She was to continue to suck and jerk the henchman until he was ready to blow. Cheetah even got involved with her feline lips to add to his pleasure. Cheetah made her finish off her horny henchman until he blasted Wunder Woman's face with his disgusting load.

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